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Free online session will highlight technical and financial resources for boards.

High prices and high interest rates could turn the city into a gilded isle for the wealthy.

The Habitat Group wishes our readers a safe and happy holiday.

Co-op and condo advocates applaud crackdown on illegal hotels.

Battle rages over controversial compliance tool for Local Law 97.

Positive Pay Helps Co-ops and Condos Prevent Fraud

Written by Bill Morris on November 16, 2022

New York City

Daily review of checks and electronic transfers can short-circuit theft.

City to Regulate Use of Artificial Intelligence in Hiring

Written by Andrew I. Bart on November 15, 2022

New York City

Co-op and condo boards need to be aware of changes under Local Law 144.

Co-op board, accountant and managing agent let finances slide for years.

Co-op and condo buildings get a flunking grade thanks to a reporting error.

Sales of luxury apartments are especially hard hit as market cools off.

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