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The Very Best of Financial Best Practices

Written by Annette Muray on August 20, 2018

New York City

Boards need to keep adequate working capital on hand at all times.

Make sure reserve funds and security deposits are where they belong.

Two Keys to Unlocking the Financial Statement

Written by Lisa Prevost on May 20, 2019

New York City

How to parse the auditor’s opinion and the operating results.

The last two keys to prepare co-op and condo boards for the annual meeting.

The Clock Is Ticking on Energy Retrofits

Written by Leni Morrison Cummins on May 23, 2019

New York City

Now is the time to start preparing for the Climate Mobilization Act.

The New Rules Never Seem to Stop Coming

Written by Andrew I. Bart on May 21, 2019

New York City

Three new rules on how co-op and condo boards must treat employees.

Action is a response to state’s rejection of controversial $1 billion pipeline.

Here are the final two steps toward a litigation-free annual meeting.

Controversial underwater pipeline rejected on environmental grounds.

Here's how co-op and condo boards can avoid hard feelings and legal challenges.

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