The Winners and Losers on the Property Tax Seesaw

Written by Lisa Prevost on May 25, 2018

New York City

The faster property values rise, the lower the relative property taxes.

For many co-ops and condos, storage is no longer enough.

The New York City Co-op in the 22nd Century

Written by Marianne Schaefer on May 24, 2018

New York City

A sci-fi novel imagines a very different – yet familiar – metropolis.

What, Exactly, Is “Green” Energy?

Written by Frank Lovece on May 21, 2018

New York City

Systems powered by fossil fuels don’t make the “renewable” cut.

Lawsuit seeks court help in making city’s property taxes equitable.

Richest New Yorkers are the biggest energy hogs.

The Department of Buildings is slowly moving paperwork, including violations, online.

Apartment sellers are not required to reveal flaws.

It’s Possible to Have Your Wifi and Hardwire It, Too

Written by Kathryn Farrell on May 14, 2018

New York City

Building code sows confusion over legal door-buzzer systems.

Sales decline for third consecutive quarter, a repeat of 2009.

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