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Number of fires and deaths from faulty lithium-ion batteries rose again last year.

Renovation Responsibilities for Co-op and Condo Boards

Written by Allen H. Brill on January 18, 2024

New York City

Shareholder renovations can often be a headache for boards, particularly in older properties.

Co-op and condo boards will face higher insurance premiums as the "hard" market persists.

The Habitat Group joins in celebrating the life and legacy of a civil-rights icon.

Return of property tax exemption could revive multifamily housing construction.

Navigating Primary Residence Disputes

Written by Moshe Bobker, Partner, Tane Waterman & Wurtzel on January 11, 2024

New York City

When shareholders violate the terms of a proprietary lease by not making the apartment their primary residence, boards are within their rights to evict them.

Navigating the Co-op Admission Process

Written by Laura Endres, Partner, Taylor, Eldridge & Endres on January 04, 2024

New York City

Cooperative apartment ownership in New York is a unique arrangement.

Co-op and condo market likely to open up in new year as interest rates come down.

Happy New Year!!!

January 01, 2024

New York City

The Habitat Group wishes you a safe, happy and prosperous 2024.

Co-op and condo monthly charges will rise, but lower interest rates could boost sales.

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