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Interest rates dip, cash buys rise and inventory remains scarce. Yikes.

Co-op and condo boards trying to shed fossil fuels are in for a challenge.

Banning Short-Term Rentals: A Guide to Local Law 18

Written by Scott Smiler, Partner, Gallet Dreyer & Berkey on November 09, 2023

New York City

Short-term rental platforms are a thorn in co-op and condo buildings' sides. With the recent passage of Local Law 18, boards are getting some welcome relief.

High interest rates led many sellers to take their home off the market.

$12 million in NYSERDA grants to help buildings install heat-recovery retrofits.

How to Handle New Construction Defects

Written by Steven Sladkus, Partner, Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas on November 02, 2023

New York City

Defect claims occur in about 90% of new construction condos in New York City, and approximately 30% to 40% of these end up in litigation.

Queens Co-ops' Lawsuit to Block Local Law 97 Is Dismissed

Written by Bill Morris on November 03, 2023

New York City

State Supreme Court tosses lawsuit claiming climate law is unconstitutional.

New rule adds teeth to Local Law 126 in the wake of a fatal garage collapse.

Local Law 18 is having the desired effect — shutting down illegal sublets.

Flood Risk Disclosure Law: Challenges and Compliance Issues

Written by Lewis Montana, Partner, Levine Montana on October 26, 2023

New York City

A new state law requires landlords, including co-op boards, to provide tenants with comprehensive information about their building's flood risk by fully disclosing the property’s flood history.

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