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Lead-Based Paint Inspections Just Got Tougher

Written by Kathryn Farrell on October 01, 2020

New York City

New law requires x-ray testing in some co-op and condo apartments.

DOB Extends Amnesty for Overdue Facade Inspections

Written by Marianne Schaefer on September 30, 2020

New York City

It’s a double-edged sword that will save money once old fines are paid.

“K-shaped” recovery favors the rich, punishes lower-income homeowners.

Gym Reopening? Here's What to Expect From the Inspectors.

Written by Paula Chin on September 24, 2020

New York City

The Department of Health will conduct a virtual walk-through of all gyms.

Who Pays for Repairs? Check the Condo Bylaws

Written by Leni Morrison Cummins and Jennifer D. Miller on September 22, 2020

New York City

After a disastrous leak, it was board versus aggrieved unit-owner.

Co-op and condo residents get a rare dose of good news from City Hall.

A city pied-a-terre tax on luxury second homes is already on the table.

Pandemic leads city to relax deadline for building owners.

Co-op boards may need to loosen sublet rules as apartment sales slump.

Construction Costs Are Up During the Pandemic. Here’s Why.

Written by Marianne Schaefer on September 09, 2020

New York City

Mandatory safety precautions are an added expense for co-op and condo boards.

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