New York's Cooperative and Condominium Community



Here's how co-op and condo boards can avoid hard feelings and legal challenges.

Co-op and condo advocates fear millions of dollars in fines.

Co-op and condo boards’ attorneys are mystified by new ruling.

Barbecuing 101: To Ban or Not to Ban?

Written by Rose Horowitz on May 09, 2019

New York City

Regulating barbecues is a smoky issue for co-op and condo boards 

Co-op and condo boards should keep residents posted on facade repairs.

Energy-efficiency companies sure to profit from Climate Mobilization Act.

Climate Mobilization Act will reward existing retrofits and punish slackers.

Scramble begins for carbon-free sources of electricity.

The Fluid Fees for Oversight on Capital Projects

Written by Ann Farmer on April 29, 2019

New York City

Co-op and condo boards face a puzzling smorgasbord of fees for project oversight.

There's No Time Like Real Time

Written by Carol J. Ott on April 23, 2019

New York City

Real Time Energy Management is technology designed to cut energy costs.

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