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Job One for New Condo Boards: Get a Building Physical

Written by Bill Morris on January 17, 2019

New York City

An architect’s survey is critical as construction defects multiply.

Is Your First Conflict-of-Interest Report Past Due?

Written by Bill Morris on January 15, 2019

New York City

Slacker boards could face lawsuits if report on contracts is overlooked.

Managing the Headache of Compliance

Written by Lisa Prevost on January 14, 2019

New York City

Boards and managers are turning to software to avoid violations.

Don’t Touch That Steam Boiler – Yet!

Written by Tom Sahagian on January 11, 2019

New York City

Heat pumps will be vital in reducing buildings’ carbon emissions.

Boards must make “reasonable accommodations” for persons with disabilities.

After 31 years of public service, he says, “my body shows it.”

Board rejections almost always result in slower sales at lower prices.

Old rules are giving way to new realities about young buyers.

The Upside of Staggered Terms for Co-op Boards

Written by Lisa Prevost on December 31, 2018

New York City

Continuity and fresh blood are just two of the many benefits.

The Elevator Operator Who Became a Property Manager

Written by Bill Morris on December 27, 2018

New York City

Cody Masino did it all before finding his niche at David Associates.

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