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NYC co-ops and condos face legal and financial challenges that have to be solved. Whether it's a question of how to raise more money, how to deal with angry owners, or the best ways to work with a building's accountant or lawyer, co-op and condo board directors have to make decisions. The collection of articles here will help your co-op or condo board navigate these waters.

New system is designed to bring federally backed premiums in line with risk.

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Co-op advocates keep flexing their newfound political muscle.

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Construction defects include noise, explosions, floods and faulty elevators. 

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There Are Limits on Employee Vaccination Mandates

Written by Andrew I. Bart on September 21, 2021

New York City

Union agreement allows co-op and condo boards to use a carrot, not a stick.

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Court Says Frivolous Lawsuits Qualify as “Objectionable Conduct”

Written by Ira Brad Matetsky on September 09, 2021

The Bronx

Board succeeds in terminating the lease of a litigious shareholder.

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Condo Boards Can Get Burned by Inadequate Bylaws

Written by Andrew P. Brucker on August 27, 2021

Financial District, Manhattan

A fire in a downtown condo's commercial unit lit up a legal brawl.

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Developer calls controversial project's foes "limousine liberal elitists."

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There are ways to collect arrears without going to an overburdened court.

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Courts rule in favor of co-op board in dispute over a $1 million repair.

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State Sen. Liz Krueger is pushing to equalize treatment of co-ops and condos.

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