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Energy is one budget item that NYC co-ops and condos can lower, and the articles here will give you ideas on how to do that. Plus, New York City has passed an ambitious set of laws that requires buildings to reduce their carbon emissions over the next decade, and all buildings will have to comply. For co-ops and condos, this means taking action now.

Co-op and condo boards can get expert advice free of charge.

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New York metro area leads the nation in creating clean-energy jobs. 

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Rewrite of zoning rules designed to eliminate barriers to energy-efficiency projects.

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Bill Would Give a Tax Abatement for Carbon Emission Cuts

Written by Paula Chin on September 07, 2023

New York City

The carrot of a tax break could replace the stick of stiff fines.

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Co-ops and condos and other buildings are already cutting their carbon emissions.

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Group urges mayor not to give in to efforts to water down city's climate law.

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Boards need to get busy now, even if they're in compliance with 2024 carbon caps.

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Speaking from experience, co-op board member says, “The key is to make it easy.”

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$10 million to help needy buildings comply with Local Law 97.

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After long struggle, environmental advocates succeed in keeping organics out of landfills.

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