Our informative articles give decision makers from NYC residential co-ops or condos the knowledge to govern their co-op or condo effectively. Learn about policy issues, from setting and enforcing house rules to how to debate lobby renovation. Understand the rules and conventions your conduct as a board member is subject to. Keep up with the laws and expectations your building must comply with.

Messenger system cuts through the tech blizzard.

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There are ways to avoid getting bitten when tackling this controversial task.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Written by Tom Soter on May 01, 2017

Upper East Side

Sue Dorn passed down something to her daughter, Martha: co-op board service.

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How to put together the perfect board, and how to compute your building's tax bill.

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There’s More Than One Way to Reach a Quorum

Written by Ron Egatz on April 11, 2017

New York City

Inventive boards find new ways to run legal annual meetings.

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Reeling in back tax bills and tracking a possible rise in flood insurance rates.

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Broker advises renters to beware of excessive co-op “management fees.”

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When Boards Have to Fight for What’s Right

Written by Paula Chin on March 21, 2017

Long Island

A toxic waste dump and a proposed casino bring out a board’s combative side.

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Ways to shake up board inertia, and reasons why some buildings have higher monthly charges than others.

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Three Keys to a Co-op's Success: Plan, Plan, Plan

Written by Marianne Schaefer on March 16, 2017

Long Island

At the Kings Wood co-op on Long Island, planning is the key to avoiding surprises.

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