Our informative articles give decision makers from NYC residential co-ops or condos the knowledge to govern their co-op or condo effectively. Learn about policy issues, from setting and enforcing house rules to how to debate lobby renovation. Understand the rules and conventions your conduct as a board member is subject to. Keep up with the laws and expectations your building must comply with.

The Many Virtues of Staggered Board Terms

Written by Lisa Prevost on December 14, 2018

New York City

They provide continuity, guidance, and institutional memory.

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There are ways to ensure the integrity of co-op and condo board elections.

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Instagram post leads co-op board to re-inspect renovation project.

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Those First Baby Steps for New Condo Boards

Written by Paula Chin on December 11, 2018

New York City

Running a building is difficult, but not impossible.

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Westchester County Moves to Speed Co-op Sales

Written by Rose Horowitz on December 06, 2018

Westchester County

New law stops short of requiring reasons for rejecting buyers.

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Boards must prevent the unethical use of buyers’ personal information.

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Judging If Buyers Are Fiscally Fit

Written by Frank Lovece on November 05, 2018

New York City

Co-op boards must walk a fine line when assessing potential buyers.

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Which Rule Rules?

Written by Victor M. Metsch on October 18, 2018

Montauk, Suffolk County

Lease’s demand for “reasonable” decisions trumps Business Judgment Rule.

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Transparency vs. Privacy: A Balancing Act for Boards

Written by Kathryn Farrell on October 15, 2018

New York City

Residents’ demands for openness challenge co-op and condo boards.

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As co-op smoking bans rise, smokers’ options dwindle.

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