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Powerful coalition opposes effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Sewing Up a Mortgage Refi

Written by Lisa Prevost on April 09, 2019

New York City

The final product must fit the co-op’s needs and means.

A Mortgage Refi Should Fit Like a Tailor-Made Suit

Written by Lisa Prevost on April 08, 2019

New York City

One size does not fit all co-ops when it's time to refinance the mortgage.

Watch Your Step Crossing the Fannie and Freddie Lending Minefield

Written by Leni Morrison Cummins on April 04, 2019

New York City

Condo boards must follow strict guidelines to keep financing flowing.

Mid-level buyers to bear brunt of new transfer tax and mansion tax.

Fees for managing capital projects are “all over the map.”

Co-ops and Condos Need a Harassment Policy Right Now

Written by Andrew P. Brucker on January 18, 2018

New York City

Boards need protection from legal and financial liability over harassment claims.

“Real estate has driven politics, really, forever.”

How to Pay for Looming Energy-Efficiency Upgrades?

Written by Frank Lovece on April 01, 2019

New York City

Green PACE financing offers a painless way to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

PACE loans for energy-efficiency upgrades would be repaid through taxes.

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