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Annual water and energy usage report will lead to each building’s letter grade.

Federal rate hikes for pricey waterfront homes are now on hold.

Do Co-op and Condo Boards Have to Play COVID Cop?

Written by Marc Schneider and Justin Buchel on March 16, 2021

New York City

It’s impossible to get all residents to comply with all the rules all the time.

Something called Transitional Assessed Value is the culprit.

Texas and New York: A Tale of Two Electric Grids

Written by Alex Zafran on March 11, 2021

New York City

Why last month’s blackout in Texas is unlikely to happen here.

Report shows that assessed values are skewed in favor of white homeowners.

Here are seven easy steps to facilitate a transfusion of new blood.

Denis Leary was with me when we had an authentic New York moment across from the Hayden Planetarium. I was doing a short segment with him that was part of an online campaign we did. We had a permit.

So I have this camera guy and Denis is dressed as [his movie character] Police Captain George Stacy. And I'm asking him questions and he's talking about how he needs help, how the public has to help him to find Spider-Man.

A guy comes out of the building: sneakers, shorts, all sweaty, athletically obnoxious Wall Street type. Very New York. He's saying to me, "Why are you filming in front of my building? I'm the chairman of the board of this building!" It was a co-op on the Upper West Side.

Inspectors will visit 1,100 buildings looking for safety violations.

Co-ops and Condos Get Ready for an Electric Future

Written by Bill Morris on March 03, 2021

New York City

New study says electrification will cut energy costs and create jobs.

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