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Find advice, solutions and sympathy regarding everyday issues you may have as an NYC co-op or condo board member or manager in our Building Operations article section. Some of the questions and topics covered include: How do you run your staff? What happens when your boiler blows? How do you hire a roof-replacement contractor? If it’s about your physical plant, you’ll find it here.

Works orders and more will be integrated with current accounting system.

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Cameo House co-op boards follows the lead of successful business managers.

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Supers, managers and board members can pitch in to save 20 percent on energy costs.

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Extension of deadline due to “technical issues” is about to expire.

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Mediation Can Resolve Disputes Without Litigation

Written by Paula Chin on February 04, 2019

Little Neck, Queens

A professional mediator can act as a referee when neighbors disagree.

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Elevator Repairmen Are Getting Popular – and Scarce

Written by Frank Lovece on February 01, 2019

New York City

New safety regs put squeeze on boards facing big decisions.

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The Accountant Who Became a Property Manager

Written by Bill Morris on January 31, 2019

Upper West Side, Manhattan

Dawn Dickstein also brought co-op board experience to her second career.

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New Elevator Regs Are Looming

Written by Frank Lovece on January 28, 2019

New York City

New safety rules mean boards need to ask some tough questions – now.

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The choice is between a cheap fix or a major overhaul.

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The Vermeer Responds to Chelsea Water Main Break

Written by Bill Morris on January 24, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan

A property manager uses communication to help a co-op through a disaster.

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