Find advice, solutions and sympathy regarding everyday issues you may have as an NYC co-op or condo board member or manager in our Building Operations article section. Some of the questions and topics covered include: How do you run your staff? What happens when your boiler blows? How do you hire a roof-replacement contractor? If it’s about your physical plant, you’ll find it here.

First Steps When Disaster Strikes

Written by Frank Lovece on December 12, 2017

Greenwich Village, Manhattan

A co-op board navigates the immediate aftermath of a devastating fire.

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Film crew banned from big penthouse with big arrears bill.

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This Is Why Buildings Need Constant Inspecting

Written by Bill Morris on December 08, 2017

New York City

New tool helps track “frost jacking,” a cause of cracks – and leaks – in facades.

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The Super Who Became a Property Manager

Written by Bill Morris on December 07, 2017

Westchester County

Running buildings is in Brian Scally’s DNA.

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Co-op boards and management need to take steps to stop petty thievery.

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Co-op and condo boards offering flexibility on lease terms and asking rents.

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The Cop Who Became a Property Manager

Written by Bill Morris on November 02, 2017

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Service is the thread that runs through Robert Ferrara’s two careers.

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Before Joining the Amenities Race, Study the Track

Written by Stephen Varone and Peter Varsalona on October 31, 2017

New York City

A professional feasibility study can avoid surprises and save money.

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Improperly maintained water cooling towers are the likely culprit.

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Ignore house rules and city and state laws at your peril.

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