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Find advice, solutions and sympathy regarding everyday issues you may have as an NYC co-op or condo board member or manager in our Building Operations article section. Some of the questions and topics covered include: How do you run your staff? What happens when your boiler blows? How do you hire a roof-replacement contractor? If it’s about your physical plant, you’ll find it here.

Boards need to take a holistic look at their building's systems.

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New report says vacancies, though widespread, are not pandemic.

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Complex capital projects require expert oversight – and coordination.

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Softening Surprises on a Major Facade Repair

Written by Christa Waring on August 05, 2019

Upper West Side, Manhattan

The key is to get the parties talking – the board, engineer, contractor, and inspector.

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The Normandy's Heat Balancing Act

Written by Lewis Kwit on August 02, 2019

Upper West Side, Manhattan

Going back to the energy basics saved a Riverside Drive co-op.

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Co-op and condo boards must follow strict protocols during capital projects.

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Got Rust? Peer Review Is a Must

Written by Vincent Nicoletti on July 29, 2019


The right consultant saved this major facade project.

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Long-Range Planning Helps Boards Avoid Sticker Shock

Written by Gene Ferrara on July 26, 2019

New York City

Preparing for future capital projects will lessen the trauma for everyone.

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Service on Wednesday, July 24 expected to draw thousands.

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Even the best contingency plan can't prepare a board for unforeseeable surprises.

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