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An in-depth look at a recent, unusual, or complicated building project carried out at a New York metro-area co-op or condo. Includes details on the project and the challenges to pay for it and manage it from the board perspective. Once or twice a month we focus on new financial solutions for co-ops and condos to consider.

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A new digital resource providing essential and timely information to help boards govern. View latest free edition at Sponsored by BUILDINGLINK.

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Offering practical advice and insight for boards and property managers on issues that face co-ops and condos. Subjects covered include technology, legal issues, operational issues, and governance issues.

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A weekly alert about what's being published in the upcoming Week by Week. Two stories each week keep boards and property owners abreast of what's going on in New York's co-op/condo community.

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One big idea is explored in each newsletter on how co-op and condo boards can govern more effectively. Sponsored by Argo Real Estate.

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Advice and discussion by New York's leading co-op/condo attorneys. Each podcast addresses questions submitted by Habitat readers.