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Apartment Owners and Buyers: 

A tough seller’s market is made tougher by rising tax bills.

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In sluggish luxury market, One Manhattan Square offers “insane” incentives.

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Mid-level buyers to bear brunt of new transfer tax and mansion tax.

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“Real estate has driven politics, really, forever.”

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Rich absentee homeowners don’t ride the subway. Why should they pay to fix it?

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Co-op Boards Need to Rethink Resistance to LLCs

Written by Marianne Schaefer on March 14, 2019

New York City

When selling professional office space, boards need to shed old taboos. 

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State budget director says tax on rich absentees would raise $9 billion.

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Hotels are seeing the benefits of scraping the T-word from their facades.

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Will the company’s surprise pullout turn the brief boom into a bust?

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City council resolution supports tax on high-end, non-primary residences.

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