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Take a peek behind the facades of New York’s co-ops and condos to find out who's fixing things up, and how much it costs? Articles in this section cover dozens of individual projects in co-ops and condos all over New York City. Learn how NYC co-op/condo boards met the challenges of the fix-up, and how you can use their experiences to smooth out yours.

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Switch to electric heat pumps cuts reliance on fossil fuels.

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Boards with non-unionized employees must raise pay or forfeit abatements.

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FBI Busts $31 Million Trip-and-Fall Insurance Scam

Written by Bill Morris on September 08, 2021

New York City

Scheme featured fake falls, unnecessary surgeries and fraudulent lawsuits.

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List of approved lenders is expected to be rolled out later this month.

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Queens Co-op’s Mortgage Refi Rejuvenates Reserve Fund

Written by Bill Morris on August 25, 2021

Rego Park, Queens

After cost overruns on facade repairs, low interest rates rode to the rescue.

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Boosted by the pandemic, the value of parking spaces is soaring.

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Co-op and condo boards are getting on board with a new service called Avo.

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Boards can’t use it to pay for capital projects or deferred maintenance.

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When a second brick facade began to separate, the board had to act.

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“Hybrid” heat pump system will avoid carbon-emission fines until 2050.

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