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June 2019 Issue Preview


Unless you live in a newly built condo, you probably live in one of the thousands of pre-war (or maybe postwar) buildings in New York. And age brings its own issues to these vintage buildings – like rotting steel, or apartments that are too hot or too cold, or even leaks.

In Habitat’s June issue, we ask professionals – architects, engineers, accountants, energy specialists, and insurance agents – to tell us the problems, and sometimes the opportunities, that they are seeing in their buildings. Their stories are fascinating and sometimes sobering. Read Habitat's June issue to read more, and don't forget to check out the digital edition!

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Learn all the basics of NYC co-op and condo management, with straight talk from heavy hitters in the field of co-op or condo apartments.

Professionals in some of the key fields of co-op and condo board governance and building management answer common questions in their areas of expertise. Get advice directly from the experts with short videos on topics such as law, finance, boilers, fuel, lobby design, laundry room management and storage.