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Mayor Eric Adams inherits a hot potato from Bill de Blasio.

Despite the wave of omicron infections, fourth quarter sales soared. 

Many co-op and condo residents are facing hard choices – again.

Co-op and condo boards need to start planning now to meet emission caps.

Gov. Hochul signs long-awaited bill that unties the hands of co-op boards.

Most workers in co-ops and condos are covered by the looming mandate.

Pre-development money acts as a bridge before projects begin.

The End of the End of the Pandemic

Written by William D. McCracken on December 21, 2021

New York City

Co-op and condo boards must learn from the past and continue to adapt.

Closings will surpass 40,000, up 79% over last year. 

City Council bans natural gas in new buildings beginning in 2023.

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