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With costs sure to come down, a gradual approach may be best for most buildings.

The Habitat Group wishes the co-op and condo community a popping Fourth of July.

New study says New York has the nation's highest median property taxes. 

Speaking from experience, co-op board member says, “The key is to make it easy.”

Wait Till Next Year: Reforms to Access Agreements Die, For Now

Written by William D. McCracken on June 28, 2023

New York City

Co-op and condo boards still hoping for protections from greedy neighbors.

Boards are demanding tighter coverage, fewer exclusions for work inside apartments.

Neither buyers nor sellers are in charge in today's room-temperature market.

With garage inspections looming, boards need to think about Plan B.

$10 million to help needy buildings comply with Local Law 97.

If smoking is banned in public spaces, the co-op board has a powerful weapon.

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