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There are new ways to show gratitude for staffers' service during the pandemic.

Co-op and Condo Annual Bedbug Reports Are Almost Due

Written by Paula Chin on December 10, 2020

New York City

Boards have until Dec. 31 to file mandated reports.

When Neighbors Tangle, Co-op Boards Can't Look Away

Written by Andrew P. Brucker on December 08, 2020

New York City

Lawsuit shows that co-op boards need to intervene in neighborly disputes.

Co-op and condo advocates voice loud opposition to costly proposal.

Co-op and condo advocates unite in opposition to “catastrophic” proposal.

Boards are facing a distasteful choice: impose assessments or raise fees?

No Rest for Weary Co-op and Condo Boards This Holiday Season

Written by William D. McCracken on November 24, 2020

New York City

The coming holidays present yet another series of trials to overcome.

New audit reveals the city is not following its own strict new rules.

DOB Inspectors Are Exempt From Onsite Temperature Checks

Written by Bill Morris on November 20, 2020

New York City

Co-op and condo boards learn that their diligence has its limits.

Pandemic and low interest rates combine to raise the bar for homebuyers.

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