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Pandemic leads city to relax deadline for building owners.

Co-op boards may need to loosen sublet rules as apartment sales slump.

Construction Costs Are Up During the Pandemic. Here’s Why.

Written by Marianne Schaefer on September 09, 2020

New York City

Mandatory safety precautions are an added expense for co-op and condo boards.

Co-ops and condos face long-term fallout from pandemic-inspired departures.

Confusion Reigns as Co-op and Condo Gyms Try To Reopen

Written by Amy Sara Clark on September 03, 2020

New York City

City guidelines leave many boards wary of liability and safety concerns.

Crafting a Zero-Based Energy Budget

Written by Alexander Zafran on September 02, 2020

New York City

Co-op and condo boards must avoid wishful thinking in budget season.

Boards must meet strict criteria, while indoor classes and pools remain shut.

COVID plus carbon equals a double-whammy for building owners.

It’s a Great Time for Co-ops to Refinance, If…

Written by Lisa Prevost on August 27, 2020

New York City

Lenders have sharpened their scrutiny since the pandemic hit.

New measure imposes penalties for abusing disability access laws in housing.

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