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Luxury condo tower’s occupancy and values are plunging.

Upgrading both elevators becomes a military operation.

New York’s tale of two cities proving difficult to rewrite.

It's a Big Deal When Someone Leaves a Small Co-op

Written by Michele Cardella on May 10, 2019

Tribeca, Manhattan

Change may be inevitable, but that doesn't make it pleasant.

A Way to Avoid Seeing a Red Tag

Written by Marianne Schaefer on May 08, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan

Gas “bottling” lets workers repair leaks without a costly shutdown.

The First Baby Steps of a 40-Year-Old Co-op

Written by Bill Morris and Kaya Laterman on May 07, 2019

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Board members and management have stuck together since 1979.

This 40-Year-Old Co-op Knows the Perks of Continuity

Written by Bill Morris and Kaya Laterman on May 06, 2019

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Co-op still has original board members and management company. 

Expect less congestion, cleaner air, better subways – and a jolt to real estate.

The Beresford and the El Dorado have installed cutting-edge technology.

Co-op and condo boards have until June 15 to schedule a city inspection.

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