New York's Cooperative and Condominium Community



Central Park views make a prison a prized target of developers.

Many pricey apartments are never listed for sale.

Gotham condo board uses clever strategy to get around spending caps.

Resistance seen along Billionaires’ Row is absent for women’s shelter.

Luxury condo tower’s occupancy and values are plunging.

Upgrading both elevators becomes a military operation.

New York’s tale of two cities proving difficult to rewrite.

It's a Big Deal When Someone Leaves a Small Co-op

Written by Michele Cardella on May 10, 2019

Tribeca, Manhattan

Change may be inevitable, but that doesn't make it pleasant.

A Way to Avoid Seeing a Red Tag

Written by Marianne Schaefer on May 08, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan

Gas “bottling” lets workers repair leaks without a costly shutdown.

The First Baby Steps of a 40-Year-Old Co-op

Written by Bill Morris and Kaya Laterman on May 07, 2019

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Board members and management have stuck together since 1979.

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