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A Co-op Surrounded by Swimming Pools and Empty Storefronts

Written by Michele Cardella on March 13, 2020

Tribeca, Manhattan

It’s easier to go swimming than to buy a loaf of bread in this part of town.

The Soho Cooperative Where People Actually Cooperate

Written by Bill Morris on March 11, 2020

SoHo, Manhattan

Air conditioning and lobby renovation bring shareholders together.

“Rent-to-own” is the new rallying cry in a sluggish sales market.

Judge rules laundry does not need sprinklers or Certificate of Occupancy.

City joins developer’s appeal of order to chop top off condo tower.

Another blow to the city's powerful real-estate interests.

A 90-Year-Old Co-op Lobby Steps Into the 21st Century

Written by Marianne Schaefer on February 19, 2020

Upper West Side, Manhattan

The hardest renovation jobs are the ones that require subtlety.

Controversial Upper West Side luxury tower could undergo a “top chop.”

Tax Reform Commission cites $238 million condo's low tax bill.

An Upper West Side Lobby Renovation That Made Everyone Happy

Written by Robin Goldwyn Blumenthal on January 29, 2020


This condo board avoided the common clashes over aesthetics and money.

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