Local buyers outnumber foreign investors at new Greenwich Village tower.

If boards follow the governing documents, alteration agreements are hard to fight.

The list of usual suspects – dogs, music, parties and sex – just got longer.

Buying the land the building sits on was key to this co-op’s success.

There Are Limits to Co-op Boards’ Powers

Written by Lisa L. Colangelo on March 09, 2017

Greenwich Village

Court rules that co-op board “unreasonably” blocked transfer of dead woman’s shares.

Greenwich Village noise dispute leads to $750,000 lawsuit.

Some sponsors actually sell apartments and relinquish power.

Board Power: Its Sources, Its Uses, Its Limits

Written by Stuart Saft on December 06, 2016

Greenwich Village

Today’s boards owe a debt of gratitude to Ronald Levandusky and his kitchen.

How much do co-op boards have to tell shareholders? Not much.

Rack 'Em Up

Written by Bill Morris on April 22, 2016

Greenwich Village

Bike storage space is now a top amenity in the city’s co-ops and condos.

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