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Co-op and condo boards are urged to get busy complying with Local Law 126.

A Portable Pump Rescues an UWS Condop’s Boiler Room

Written by Emily Myers on October 18, 2023

Upper West Side

Having an emergency pump at the ready is an important flood management strategy for any building.

Failure to approve a new ventilation system lands a cond-op board in court.

The Avery condominium has cut its costs along with its carbon emissions.

Little guy gets "enough to buy a place" from exasperated developer

Do boards have the power to keep bans in place as the pandemic recedes?

Angry residents say the board's actions are pricing them out of their homes.

Persistence pays off for a board seeking to replenish its reserve fund.

Method doesn’t rely on the vagaries of the city’s cyclical real-estate market.

Worker’s Death at Co-op Underscores Importance of Air-Tight Insurance

Written by Scott S. Greenspun and Jillian Menna on December 01, 2022

Upper West Side, Manhattan

Co-op and condo boards can leave nothing to chance during repairs.

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