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Denis Leary was with me when we had an authentic New York moment across from the Hayden Planetarium. I was doing a short segment with him that was part of an online campaign we did. We had a permit.

So I have this camera guy and Denis is dressed as [his movie character] Police Captain George Stacy. And I'm asking him questions and he's talking about how he needs help, how the public has to help him to find Spider-Man.

A guy comes out of the building: sneakers, shorts, all sweaty, athletically obnoxious Wall Street type. Very New York. He's saying to me, "Why are you filming in front of my building? I'm the chairman of the board of this building!" It was a co-op on the Upper West Side.

Building management system upgrade brings the Apthorp up to date.

Heat pumps will replace fossil fuel-burning boilers. Here’s how.

Condop board installed no-touch doors just before the pandemic hit.

Vocal co-op and condo residents angered by another mayoral reversal.

“The Building” portrays New Yorkers being New Yorkers during lockdown.

Though not able to diagnose COVID-19, sensor brings peace of mind.

The right to privacy trumps the advantages of sharing information.

City joins developer’s appeal of order to chop top off condo tower.

A 90-Year-Old Co-op Lobby Steps Into the 21st Century

Written by Marianne Schaefer on February 19, 2020

Upper West Side, Manhattan

The hardest renovation jobs are the ones that require subtlety.

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