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New luxury tower planned for site of legendary Grove Press building.

When boards start early, capital projects have happier endings.

Condo Boards Can Get Burned by Inadequate Bylaws

Written by Andrew P. Brucker on August 27, 2021

Financial District, Manhattan

A fire in a downtown condo's commercial unit lit up a legal brawl.

Ask Mary: Here Are the Answers for a Tsunami of Asks

Written by Mary Federico on August 20, 2021

Inwood, Manhattan

How co-op and condo boards can deal with unreasonable requests.

Courts rule in favor of co-op board in dispute over a $1 million repair.

A new study reveals high vacancy rates in seven supertall condo towers.

Below-market sale goes through when Chelsea condo board is slow to act.

“Hybrid” heat pump system will avoid carbon-emission fines until 2050.

When a second brick facade began to separate, the board had to act.

Landmark West has, so far, managed to block construction on one tower.

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