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Condo unit-owners should be reasonable when access is requested.

Co-op Board Gets Round of Applause for a Timely Refi

Written by Bill Morris on January 13, 2021

Flatbush, Brooklyn

Pandemic challenges become an opportunity for a Brooklyn co-op

Brooklyn is changing a lot. Prices are soaring so high they are starting to reach Manhattan-levels, and now, thanks to new development, the skyline is starting to reflect that change. In its most recent Brooklyn New Development report, CityRealty confirms that the skyline is transforming "as developers add tens of thousands of new rental and condominium apartments to the borough." Anyone who still thinks Brooklyn is synonymous with single-family houses need only check out the number of buildings with 20 or more units currently under construction — many of them, says CityRealty in its report, rising 10 or more stories and dramatically changing the built environment. CityRealty also anticipates the pace of building to outpace the previous decade, with nearly 5,000 new apartments in 2016 and nearly 6,000 in 2017. 

Renewable energy will help co-ops and condos meet Climate Mobilization Act. is tailored to the needs of co-ops, condos and condops.

There Is Such a Thing as a Free Energy Audit

Written by Sue Treiman on November 04, 2020

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Brooklyn co-op is a pioneer in new program to boost energy efficiency.

Storage lockers are an amenity that produces a $50,000 yearly windfall.

Three condo boards seek $2 million for city’s failure to maintain parks.

Co-op and condo boards need to meet the letter of the law to thwart violations.

Brooklyn condo board plays sleuth to solve leak mystery.

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