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In a first, a Mitchell-Lama co-op has converted to an HDFC with a 50% flip tax.

Adele Niederman has a rebuttal for privatization plan at Cadman Towers in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn's Cadman Towers co-op uses "Article 2 to 11" to preserve affordability. 

Contractors worked overtime to harmonize a $280,000 system.

Repairs keep a prized amenity from turning into a costly liability.

A Q&A with the former president of Cadman Towers co-op in Brooklyn Heights.

Doing it once and doing it right will save money in the long run.

There Is Such a Thing as a Free Energy Audit

Written by Sue Treiman on November 04, 2020

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

Brooklyn co-op is a pioneer in new program to boost energy efficiency.

$20.3 million riverfront condo closes during citywide shutdown.

St. George Tower & Grill gets a complete makeover.

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