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2 Penn Plaza, 5th Floor
New YorkNY 10121

WilkinGuttenplan is a certified public accounting and consulting firm with offices in New York and New Jersey. WG offers co-ops, condominiums, and managers more than timely accounting, audit, and tax services - drawing on more than 30 years of experience, we provide the insight and wisdom to assist with the myriad issues co-ops and condominiums face.

Annette Murray, CPA, Shareholder •

Michael A. Esposito, CPA, Shareholder •

Abe Kleiman, CPA, Shareholder •


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We have virtually "written the book" on accounting for condominiums and cooperatives. We have experience in providing accounting services to over 1,000 properties, making us a leading provider of these services in New York/New Jersey as well as one of the largest national service providers.

A frequent theme of our publications is the fiduciary responsibility of condominium and co-op boards.

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