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Co-op board is replacing the original heating and cooling system.

Storage lockers are an amenity that produces a $50,000 yearly windfall.

Affordable-housing applicants decry “pervasive corruption” at HPD.

The Department of Justice announced on Dec. 23 that it has filed a lawsuit against Trump Village for violating the Fair Housing Act.

Luna Park co-op on Coney Island allowed applicants to leapfrog waiting list.

Co-op Board Uses Airbnb Records to Fight Sublets

Written by Bill Morris on January 04, 2018

Coney Island, Brooklyn

Board gets access to “smoking gun” on illegal short-term sublets.

Defections like Trump Village add to scarcity of affordable housing.

Submetering: No Longer a No-Brainer

Written by Paula Chin on December 30, 2016

Coney Island

Loss of incentives, new rule make electric submetering too costly for many boards.

I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy

Written by Richard Siegler & Dale Degenshein on December 16, 2015

Coney Island


What happens when a disgruntled (or perhaps a “principled”) apartment owner creates a website for the purpose of discussing events and conditions in a building and allegedly posts defamatory statements? In the case of Trump Village Section 4 and Igor Oberman v. Yuliya Bezvoleva Aka Julia Bezvoleva, Inna Yeselson, Josef Stalin, Aborigen,, two shareholders were sued by the cooperative corporation, Trump Village Section 4, and its board president, Igor Oberman.
The defendants, Julia Bezvoleva and Inna Yeselson allegedly started a website for the purposes of discussing events and conditions in Trump Village. According to the co-op, the website was designed to provide information, announcements, and advice to and for residents of Trump Village. The co-op asserted, however, that the website was not being used as a forum to benefit the Trump Village community but instead was being used as a site to post 19 separate defamatory statements throughout a one-year period. Although the complaint asserts that Bezvoleva and Yeselson authored the statements, there is no proof of that since they were posted anonymously.

Co-op and condo boards can be very strict about their pet policies and have been known to come down hard on residents who harbor animals against the rules. But there's a difference between a pet dog and a service dog, as we've covered in the past. It looks like neither Trump Village IV — a 1,144-unit Coney Island co-op — nor board president Igor Oberman got the memo, however, and it could end up being quite costly. reports that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is charging the co-op and Oberman "with violating the rights of Eugene Ovsishcher, a combat veteran with a psychiatric disability, and his wife, Galina" for denying the disabled veteran's request in August 2011 "to keep an emotional support dog." According to HUD, reports, in February 2012, Ovsishcher provided the board, along with his request, "a copy of the dog’s picture, license and a letter from [his] doctor explain[ing] the medical need for the dog." Trump Village not only said no dice, but also threatened to terminate the couple's lease if they didn't make Mickey the Shi Tzu scram. And they made good on that threat, starting eviction proceedings a month later. It was the court's turn to say no dice, however — turns out when you want to evict someone, you should maybe not keep collecting rent from them. And that's when the couple went to HUD. If only Oberman and the board had read our story. Although the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn't generally apply to cooperative apartment corporations and condominium associations, state and federal fair-housing laws do.

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