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Cameo House co-op boards follows the lead of successful business managers.

New tax law and high levies in Westchester County flip the city equation.

Refinancing the mortgage at a favorable rate was key to this job’s success.

How Do You Get This 25-Ton Beast Up On the Roof?

Written by Bill Morris on December 26, 2018

Yonkers, Westchester County

Condo board tackles capital project with multiple moving parts.

Westchester County Moves to Speed Co-op Sales

Written by Rose Horowitz on December 06, 2018

Westchester County

New law stops short of requiring reasons for rejecting buyers.

Board uses "bridge" loan to fix retaining wall.

"Bridge" Loan Helps Co-op Cross Perilous Chasm

Written by Frank Lovece on October 29, 2018

Yonkers, Westchester County

Retaining wall collapse onto railroad tracks nearly derails co-op.

The. Worst. Corrosion. Ever.

Written by Marianne Schaefer on October 24, 2018

New Rochelle, Westchester County

New Rochelle co-op board is tackling a very unpleasant surprise.

The Salesman Who Became a Property Manager

Written by Bill Morris on October 25, 2018

Westchester County

Giovanni Puerta took a winding path to the job of managing co-ops and condos.

Lax Oversight Leads to a Facade Fiasco

Written by Adam Janos on October 10, 2018

Mt. Vernon, Westchester County

Co-op board learns the importance of inspecting work in progress.

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