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New thinking has this board doing capital projects once – and doing them right.

Westchester County bill would also set time limits on weighing applications.

This Co-op's Holiday Tipping Point Was a Very Big Bed

Written by Jonathan Vatner on December 11, 2020

Westchester County

It's time to reward building staffs' year of courage and sacrifice.

Co-op board jumps through bureaucratic hoops to secure backup power.

This shareholder is keeping a diary to keep the days from blurring together.

Miracles do happen, as this co-op discovered while fixing the parapet.

Planning to sell your co-op or condo and move to the suburbs? Read this first.

This dispute over noise and obstructed views offers no easy solution.

Cheap money helps co-op tackle a bushel of capital projects.

Yonkers Condo Board Sells Major Elevator Overhaul

Written by Sue Treiman on September 25, 2019

Yonkers, Westchester County

Unit-owners, with a little coaxing, buy into doing a big job the right way.

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