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Looming tax hikes drove a $4.8 billion buying binge that’s not likely to last.

If it’s done in good faith and isn’t excessive, that fee is probably legal.

Co-op and condo boards must follow strict protocols during capital projects.

Berkeley leads move to draw electricity from renewable sources.

An Electricity Submetering Success Story

Written by Thomas Morrisson on July 30, 2019

New York City

Co-op overcomes hurdles, cuts electricity usage and costs.

City’s move to reduce vacancies strikes some as a “fishing expedition.”

Smart Ways to Finance Energy Projects

Written by Carol J. Ott on July 23, 2019

New York City

They exist – you just have to run the numbers.

Long-Range Planning Helps Boards Avoid Sticker Shock

Written by Gene Ferrara on July 26, 2019

New York City

Preparing for future capital projects will lessen the trauma for everyone.

Co-ops and condos retain tool for funding capital projects.

Check for Hidden Exclusions on Insurance Policies

Written by Paul Orlandoni on July 19, 2019

New York City

The Scaffold Law makes potential losses severe, so scrutinize insurance policies.

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