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Manhattan’s priciest homes have hit lowest level since 2013.

Boards must take steps soon to avoid fines under new emissions law.

Co-ops and condos facing roughly 6 percent bigger tax bite.

Even the most precise capital projects plan can get ambushed.

Co-op and Condo Budgeting Is Not Fantasy Island

Written by Lisa Prevost on January 10, 2020

New York City

Some boards visit “Fantasy Island” instead of sticking to the facts.

They Always Call Me Too Late

Written by Tom Sahagian on January 09, 2020

New York City

When the boiler starts leaking, call for help. Immediately.

This Remote Doorman Is More Attentive and Less Expensive

Written by Marianne Schaefer on January 03, 2020

New York City

Fifth Avenue co-op finds the answer to an influx of deliveries and visitors.

The Habitat Group wishes you a safe, happy and prosperous New Year.

Incentives and low-interest loans are part of Climate Mobilization Act.

New law has had unintended consequences for arrears and evictions.

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