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Simple Steps to Avoid Co-op/Condo Board Election Mistakes

Written by Andrew P. Brucker on October 20, 2022

New York City

Once the polls are closed, you could be stuck with elected board members.

City Finalizes Requirements for Clean-Energy PACE Loans

Written by Bill Morris on October 19, 2022

New York City

Long-awaited rules mean co-ops can now apply for low-interest loans.

Why Are Most Co-op Alteration Agreements Such a Mess?

Written by William D. McCracken on October 18, 2022

New York City

Co-op boards and their lawyers should clean up unruly rules.

The cost of energy, repairs, staffs and compliance are all going up, with a boost from inflation.

Paths to cutting building carbon emissions have come into sharper focus.

Facing lost revenue, budgets need to be nimble.

New Con Edison Device Detects Gas Leaks — For Free

Written by Paula Chin on October 06, 2022

New York City

Co-op and condo boards getting a new tool to avoid gas shutdowns.

Boards must treat all shareholders equally — even those who lose a window.

Here’s How Condo Boards Can Collect Arrears

Written by Andrew P. Brucker on September 29, 2022

New York City

Lacking the power to evict, condo boards must use different tools.

Co-op and condo boards need to fix violations before renewing policies.

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