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What co-op condo boards can expect while the city is on “pause.”

When Buying Into a Co-op, Better Do Your Due Diligence

Written by Dale J. Degenshein on March 24, 2020

New York City

An ancient alteration comes back to haunt the buyer of a co-op.

Two new initiatives would send garbage bags into sealed bins.

Renters shoulder more than their share, but reform unlikely to help.

System may be “unfair,” but lawmakers should fix it, court rules.

Access for People With Disabilities: the Business Decision

Written by Frank Lovece on February 28, 2020

New York City

Flurry of "shakedown" ADA lawsuits hits co-op and condo boards.

Maks Etingin, New York Co-op Pioneer, Dies at 92

Written by Bill Morris on February 27, 2020

New York City

Son of the founder, he guided Orsid Realty through the conversion wave.

New bill before Congress seeks to revive co-op mortgages for veterans.

Coalition behind lawsuit is tired of waiting for politicians to act.

Care must be taken to avoid conflicts of interest.

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