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Boards have until Saturday to submit their energy and water consumption.

Governance and liability challenges loom, even as the pandemic drags on.

Boards have the power to set rules and shut down the projects of rule breakers.

A Simple New Tool for Calculating Carbon Emissions

Written by Bill Morris on July 23, 2020

New York City

Here’s the first step toward compliance with the Climate Mobilization Act.

Unmasked revelers lead governor to threaten new shutdowns.

Tax revenue from real-estate transactions has begun to rebound.

Here’s How Co-ops and Condos Can Cut Their Energy Bill

Written by Alexander Zafran on July 15, 2020

New York City

Energy is not a fixed cost if boards are willing to shop for bargains.

Rent-to-own programs gaining popularity as the city battles the pandemic.

Stringent riders to alteration agreements are common as crews re-enter buildings.

Co-op and condo boards are looking for ways to cover income shortfalls.

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