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Drawings That Help Close Apartment Sales

Written by Bill Morris on October 03, 2018

Upper West Side, Manhattan

Assaf Leib's quick sketches help buyers visualize possible renovations. 

Co-op board charges $1,000 a month until work is complete.

Luxury Upper West Side co-op caters to needs of observant Jews.

An analysis of recent co-op sales suggests that the adage is valid.

A Housing Cooperative Is a Mini-Democracy

Written by Victor M. Metsch on August 16, 2018

Upper West Side

Suit over disputed annual election underscores that the majority still rules.

Jeff Byles has become a steward for his co-op's 19th-century buildings.

Hardwired Intercom Trumps Smartphone Technology

Written by Bill Morris on July 11, 2018

Upper West Side

With eye on older residents, co-op board keeps its hardwired system, adds video.

Singer has no right to examine co-op’s votes or meeting minutes.

Candor can prevent dashed hopes during an apartment sale.

Judge rules board is free to remove Trump name from facade.

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