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The Trump Name Is Erased from “Trump Place”

Upper West Side, Manhattan

Trump Begone

This building will be the last in "Trump Place" to shed the T-word from its facade (image via Google Maps).

Feb. 26, 2019

And now there are none. 

Three decades after he envisioned building a massive monument to his ego called “Trump City” on the Upper West Side, President Donald Trump might be chagrined to learn that residents of the last two buildings bearing his name in the scaled-down development have voted to remove the word TRUMP from their facades. 

The condo board at 220 Riverside Boulevard has notified residents that the T-word will be removed from the building, the New York Times reports. According to an email obtained by the Washington Post, 83 percent of unit-owners cast a vote on the question, with 75 percent of them voting to remove the sign and 25 percent voting to keep it in place. In politics, that’s what’s known as a landslide. The vote came the day after residents at the only other “Trump Place” building still sporting the T-word, 120 Riverside Boulevard, announced plans to remove the name.

 When Donald J. Trump purchased the muddy stretch of abandoned rail yards alongside the Hudson River on the Upper West Side in 1985, he envisioned building a complex called “Trump City.” The deal didn’t quite come together, but nevertheless, in the scaled-back version that rose between West 72nd and West 59th streets, the word “Trump” was splashed in gold on six apartment towers. Soon the last vestiges will be gone. 

“I am just glad they’re coming down – and him along with it hopefully,” said Mary Stanton, 72, as she shopped in Jubilee Marketplace inside 180 Riverside Boulevard, another building that has shed the Trump name. 

“We lived here well before we ever dreamed he would be president, but in the last two years it’s been really awkward,” said one resident of 220, declining to give her name. “When a cab pulls up in front our building, the cabdriver always says, ‘Ugh, Trump!’”

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