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The Right Way for a Co-op Board to Deal With a Hoarder

Written by Bill Morris on August 05, 2022

New York City

Eviction should be the last resort when dealing with a shareholder who's a hoarder.

Policies that favor some shareholders over others are an illegal breach.

City argues that efforts to cut buildings' carbon emissions are legal and fair.

A code of ethics can add an additional layer of protection against abuses.

City Hall wants to increase affordable homeownership, especially among minorities.

The key to a successful legal defense is to follow the governing documents.

There are pros and cons for boards and buyers when the sponsor sells an apartment.

Experts advise co-op and condo boards to avoid assessments when building up reserves.

Ruling could have big implications for New York City co-ops and condos.

The Habitat Group wishes you a sparkling — and safe — Fourth of July.

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