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NYC co-ops and condos, like all residential apartment buildings, are bricks and mortar. They need care, maintenance, and money to pay for the upkeep. The goal, though, is not to make a profit, but to create an environment that owners want to live and invest in. How co-op and condo buildings do that in New York City is what you'll find here. 

Co-op and condo budgets are facing unforeseeable pressures on all energy costs.

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A decade after Hurricane Sandy, spending on coastal protections is lagging.

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For co-op and condo boards, deferred maintenance is no longer an option.

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Cutting-edge technology cuts down on the cost of leak detection.

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After posting bail, Glenn Hirsch was allowed to return to the Amherst co-op, infuriating fellow shareholders.

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The Right Way for a Co-op Board to Deal With a Hoarder

Written by Bill Morris on August 05, 2022

New York City

Eviction should be the last resort when dealing with a shareholder who's a hoarder.

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Policies that favor some shareholders over others are an illegal breach.

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Strength in numbers is the weapon of choice in dealing with difficult building staffers.

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Co-op’s lawyer and district attorney protested release on $500,000 bail.

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Broker cites numerous pressures pushing costs up, up and away.

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