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Improperly maintained water cooling towers are the likely culprit.

This school of thought says maintenance should be allowed to rise – gently.

“Shortfall Insurance” Protects Solar Investments

Written by Lisa Prevost on September 26, 2017

Kew Gardens Hills, Queens

Policy guarantees savings even if the sun doesn’t shine.

Queens leads the city in multiple borrowers on mortgages.

Now There’s Insurance Against Cloudy Days

Written by Lisa Prevost on September 18, 2017

Kew Gardens Hills, Queens

A Queens co-op invests in a unique policy to protect its solar investment.

Georgetown Mews has been fighting a lawsuit for nearly two decades.

Locks with keys on bedroom doors are illegal.

Despite string of vicious storms, flood insurance is on the decline.

New Kind of Insurance Protects Your Solar Investment

Written by Lisa Prevost on September 01, 2017

Kew Gardens Hills, Queens

“Shortfall” coverage guarantees solar savings.

Queens co-op gets job done on time and under budget.

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