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Washington Heights co-op’s solar array is a breakthrough achievement.

The Greening of the Grinnell Co-op

Written by Adam Janos on September 19, 2018

Washington Heights, Manhattan

Board at century-old building adopts new “community solar” model.

Upper Manhattan residents sickened by Legionella bacteria.

Two shareholders make a difference by getting "actively involved."

River Terrace Fixes a Toxic Culture

Written by Carol J. Ott on May 29, 2018

Washington Heights, Manhattan

Board conquers “bad behavior,” deficits, and galloping energy costs.

Homegrown Change Agent

Written by Carol J. Ott on May 11, 2018

Washington Heights, Manhattan

Mark Hines and the rejuvenation of River Terrace.

The “overbuild” is an affordable solution for many older buildings.

Green Project Gets Green Financing

Written by Paula Chin on December 29, 2017

Washington Heights, Manhattan

A little-known pot of money helps a co-op switch from oil to gas.

Washington Heights co-op gets unique loan for oil-to-gas switch.

Lights! Camera! Action!
Angelina Jolie was in trouble. The apartment had just exploded, the windows blown out into the street. The movie megastar crept along the outside ledge of the building before sneaking into a neighboring apartment, then sprinting out through the lobby to safety on the street.

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