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Unfixing "Fixed" Costs

Written by Marianne Schaefer on September 21, 2016

Upper East Side

A co-op enjoys a refreshing dip in its water bill.

Why Building Measurements Matter

Written by Paula Chin on September 20, 2016

Upper East Side

An accurate tally of square footage can save major money on taxes and insurance.

Is Your Certificate of Occupancy Up to Date?

Written by Gary M. Stern on August 11, 2016

Upper East Side

An out-of-date C of O can cause problems with sales, loans, even lawsuits.

Secondhand Smoke Is Now a First-Class Headache

Written by Stuart Saft on June 17, 2016

Upper East Side

A co-op gets stung for allowing smoke to travel between apartments.

Puttin' (a New Roof) On the Ritz

Written by Tom Soter on June 08, 2016

Upper East Side

Repairs to a landmarked building complicate a co-op board’s life.

Controversial luxury condo used loophole to bypass zoning laws.

If you’re a sucker for stories about janitors hitting the Lottery, this one’s for you.

Attorney Tip: Stop the Spread of Smoke Now

Written by Stuart Saft on April 07, 2016

Upper East Side

A recent court ruling on second-hand smoke should push boards to act.

Lock It Up

Written by Bill Morris on April 05, 2016

Upper East Side

Storage for two-wheelers is the hot new amenity.

A Board of Expert Jugglers

Written by Tom Soter on March 30, 2016

Upper East Side

At The Newport, the ball never gets dropped.

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