New York's Cooperative and Condominium Community

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Site Safety Plan hit a snag thanks to an uncooperative next-door neighbor.

White brick facade is replaced by state-of-the-art porcelain tiles.

Construction defects include noise, explosions, floods and faulty elevators. 

When boards start early, capital projects have happier endings.

Courts rule in favor of co-op board in dispute over a $1 million repair.

Co-op Board Learns the High Cost of Being Unreasonable

Written by Andrew P. Brucker on April 13, 2021

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Court rejects board’s high-handed effort to evict long-time resident and his family.

Modular units turn on and off according to demand, cutting waste.

Looming penalties for carbon emissions should be on every board’s radar.

When a Co-op Shareholder Chooses to Die at Home

Written by Paula Chin on September 17, 2020

Upper East Side, Manhattan

COVID-19 victim’s last wish tested a co-op’s board and manager.

Upper East Side Co-op Is Keeping Covid-19 at Bay

Written by Tom Greenbaum on April 07, 2020

Upper East Side, Manhattan

A simple but sensible eight-point plan appears to be working.

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