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Boards cannot discriminate when making new rules.

Co-op boards are adding amenities, loosening financial requirements.

In making rules, co-op boards must consider needs of all shareholders.

Enertiv monitors pinpoint electricity usage and potential trouble spots.  

The board didn't listen to shareholders. That has changed.

Co-op Boards Are Not Quality-Control Watchdogs

Written by Victor M. Metsch on February 07, 2019

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Board not responsible for shoddy work in “luxury” apartment renovation.

Ingenious solutions cut cost of a state-of-the-art system.

The “experience economy” includes pricey condos on top of pricey shops.

The gold standard of old is giving way to new condos and their amenities.

Who Can Go Out on the Roof?

Written by Dale J. Degenshein on November 19, 2018

Upper East Side, Manhattan

Access to coveted rooftop space is spelled out in governing documents.

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