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There's help for boards who want to keep their co-op or condo from becoming a hotel.

At the high end, condo sales far outpace co-ops.

Sales dip sharply on Upper East Side over application process.

The Expensive Surprises That Lurk Behind Walls

Written by Frank Lovece on February 01, 2017

Upper East Side

Facade repair forces Park Avenue co-op to improvise.

A creative board saved a troubled co-op for artists, while a dogged board president marshaled major projects.

Proposed law would remove unloved sheds after three months.

The "Good-Guy Guaranty"

Written by Frank Lovece on December 01, 2016

Upper East Side

A little-known tool can protect a co-op's or condo's commercial lease.

No Sweat: Paying for an AC Overhaul

Written by Marianne Schaefer on November 09, 2016

Upper East Side

New system saves money and energy at the Newport East.

Uncommonly Smooth Common-Area Renovations

Written by Marianne Schaefer on November 02, 2016

Upper East Side

Lobby and hallway re-do's don't have to be agony.

Unfixing "Fixed" Costs

Written by Marianne Schaefer on September 21, 2016

Upper East Side

A co-op enjoys a refreshing dip in its water bill.

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