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In a first, a Mitchell-Lama co-op has converted to an HDFC with a 50% flip tax.

In a first, rent-stabilized apartments are converting to affordable co-ops — forever.

Adele Niederman has a rebuttal for privatization plan at Cadman Towers in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn's Cadman Towers co-op uses "Article 2 to 11" to preserve affordability. 

The special rate is available to those buildings located in one of 15 city-designated priority community districts.

City rolling out ambitious plan to curb landfill shipments and greenhouse gases.

Shed in in Crown Heights is in disrepair, just like the building behind it. 

$120,000 loan will pay to electrify the building, cut carbon emissions.

Tower will use renewable underground heat instead of fossil fuels to power building systems.

Shareholder claims she was not granted accommodations for disabilities.

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