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NYC co-ops and condos face legal and financial challenges that have to be solved. Whether it's a question of how to raise more money, how to deal with angry owners, or the best ways to work with a building's accountant or lawyer, co-op and condo board directors have to make decisions. The collection of articles here will help your co-op or condo board navigate these waters.

Lander urges a new approach to generating affordable housing.

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Queens Co-op Supers to Get $130,000 in Unpaid Wages

Written by Bill Morris on March 17, 2022

Flushing, Queens

Attorney General cracks down on co-op that gave supers a free apartment but no pay.

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Legislation would divert funds to the city’s struggling public housing.

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Governor expected to sign bill ending need for a court order to recoup fees.

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New cash infusion from the state will keep co-op affordable until 2052.

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Court orders $1.1 million set aside to cover sponsor’s missteps.

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Nearly 4,000 boards are facing a decision that will put them in a “pickle.”

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Prevailing Wage Affidavit Deadline Pushed to April 15

Written by Bill Morris on February 07, 2022

New York City

Boards must pay prevailing wages to qualify for a cherished property tax abatement.

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When abatements end, taxes are sure to go up — but how much and how fast?

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A chink appears in the sturdy armor of the business judgment rule.

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