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Energy is one budget item that NYC co-ops and condos can lower, and the articles here will give you ideas on how to do that. Plus, New York City has passed an ambitious set of laws that requires buildings to reduce their carbon emissions over the next decade, and all buildings will have to comply. For co-ops and condos, this means taking action now.

Scientists, environmentalists and lawmakers protested against proposed changes.

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State must spend 35% of climate funds on these designated neighborhoods.

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Mandatory program would begin in June, differs from voluntary organics recycling.

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Mayor signs bill that will accelerate the city's ban on a prime air pollutant.

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Realizing resistance is futile, boards are embracing energy efficiency projects.

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Loosening fire department restrictions could boost solar for co-ops and condos.

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Brooklyn's BlocPower set to retrofit tens of thousands of apartments.

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Co-op and condo boards need to act now to avoid fines for carbon emissions.

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Another reason emerges for co-op and condo boards to switch from gas stoves.

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Five Steps on the Road to Compliance With Local Law 97

Written by Gustavo Rusconi on February 23, 2023

New York City

To avoid looming fines, co-op and condo boards need to get busy right now.

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