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Teachable Moments: More Real-Life Experiences in Handling Disaster

New York City, Oceanside, Nassau County

Nov. 26, 2013


Pamela DeLorme
Principal, Delkap Management

Most boards are unfamiliar with how an insurance claim is processed…. As a result of superstorm Sandy, a condominium in Oceanside required the cleanup and total replacement of 31 units. My office was the lead agent in the coordination of all the trades, insurance companies, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and utilities. After hearing what was needed, the board gave us approval to get things done as we thought best and to supervise all entities involved every day. The residents were displaced for five months. We listened to all the cries, and coordinated the move-out of personal items, the hiring of the necessary contractors and the payments of all vendors. When it was completed, a total renovation of $3 million has given 31 unit-owners a new home in which to live and a board of managers a greater appreciation of insurance….


Brian Scally
Property Manager, Garthchester Realty

With superstorm Sandy bearing down on the East Coast, I worked with my staff to plan and then implement the steps to hold back the storm waters [at one building the firm manages]. We also prepared for the cleanup: I contacted three restoration companies, requesting they be onsite immediately after the storm. Prior to Sandy's arrival, the staff was advised to fill all the gas cans, trucks and pumps with gas[oline], and set them at designated locations. Next, we hired a contractor to install two-by-four studs with plywood in front of each garage. We also placed over 1,000 sandbags at strategic locations. Just before the storm, we coordinated the evacuation of the shareholders. The staff stayed onsite to man the pumps, with the advice to evacuate if necessary. In short, being prepared led to an immediate cleanup response afterward.


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