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Robert Braverman and Scott Greenspun


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Robert J. Braverman
Braverman | Greenspun

Scott S. Greenspun 
Braverman | Greenspun

We have been at the forefront of advancing the rights of cooperatives and condominiums for over 50 years. The firm’s vast experience makes Braverman | Greenspun uniquely qualified to render sound advice on every issue facing a board. Our attorneys’ broad and diverse transactional and litigation experience, combined with the firm’s collaborative environment, allow us to provide our clients with expedient, effective and innovative problem-solving strategies. Many of our attorneys have been with the firm for a significant portion of their careers, which affords them vast institutional knowledge of the legal issues facing our clients, as well as each client’s individual needs and goals. 

Law Introduction
What should a board do when a neighbor asks for access to install construction protections on the board’s property?
What are the consequences of using personal email addresses for board business?
What do boards need to know regarding the differences between common elements and limited common elements?
How can our board implement a ban on smoking?
What should a board do if it receives a complaint of discrimination?
What are some do's and don'ts for virtual meetings?
What are some best practices for contractor agreements for Local Law 11 projects?
What is an interested director transaction?
What are the keys to a successful transition from sponsor control?
How do you address a contractor's use of subcontractors on your property?