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The Falcon Group

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The Falcon Group is a unique team of experts. We have been dedicated to our clients since 1997, when Mr. Andrew Amorosi and Mr. William Pyznar had a vision of creating a full-service, client centric Engineering and Architecture firm, focusing on delivering success stories and having a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work.

Our team of experts have come together to provide full-service engineering, architectural, and capital reserve study consulting services along with forensic testing and litigation support.

Falcon Intro
Who is responsible for parking garage inspections and maintenance?
What happens if our parking garage has unsafe conditions?
What are the new fines and fees in the Cycle 9 FISP period?
What are the major changes between Cycle 8 and Cycle 9 of the FISP cycles?
What do we have to do to comply with Local Law 97 and who should do it?
What are the penalties associated with Local Law 97?
When do parapet inspections need to be filed, and who does the inspections?
What actually has to be inspected under the annual parapet inspection?
We replaced our building’s roof — so why are we still experiencing leaks?