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Birchwood House Co-op Goes on a Buying Spree

Written by Frank Lovece on March 22, 2021

Jackson Heights, Queens

Co-op board realizes long-term gain by buying up apartments in-house.

Landmarks Conservancy Rescues a Queens Co-op

Written by Bendix Anderson on April 03, 2020

Jackson Heights, Queens

Low-interest loans can be life-savers for small, historic co-ops.

Elderly Residents Struggling With Cost of Compliance

Written by Marianne Schaefer on February 12, 2020

Jackson Heights, Queens

NORCs squeezed by flurry of regulations, limited resources.

A Co-op Consolidates – and Protects – Its Reserve Fund

Written by Bendix Anderson on September 26, 2019

Jackson Heights, Queens

Ultra Money Market account allows board to park money in one place, worry free.

The Co-op Board President Who Misses Nothing

Written by Bill Morris on January 04, 2019

Jackson Heights, Queens

Lillian Wong sees all – but not in a nosy way.

The Engineer Who Became a Property Manager

Written by Bill Morris on June 07, 2018

Jackson Heights, Queens

Ed Ermler happily takes everything that gets thrown his way.

A co-op’s proprietary lease grants – and limits – a board’s power to fine.

How to put together the perfect board, and how to compute your building's tax bill.

Two Co-ops, Two Flip Taxes, One Goal

Written by Bill Morris on March 29, 2017

Jackson Heights

Boards defend a tool that prevents speculation, enhances stability, and raises money.

How can a condo get by without a super or a property manager? And who's responsible when a worker is injured in a common area?

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